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there's really no point
in me comparing my life with someone else's
because then,
i really will never be happy.
I need to remember God's grace and mercy upon me
through so many occasions.
I need to learn to be contented.

this is the second month in a row
that i've used up my allowance before the next month came.
and this month is worse, i used it up 11 days beforehand :(
and successfully have $22 in my account.
now i know how it feels to be really broke,
and it surely is not fun.
if not for my mom lending me $10,
i wouldnt have survived till today.
and its not like i've been going out.

so i'm in school tonight/morning
camping in the common room with may, matthew and ws
trying, i repeat, trying to do my report.
gah i just wish i dont feel like peeing cos the toilet
is far away and all the corridor lights are off :/
today is the 2nd day in e week that
i have had very good conversations with may and matthew
mostly talking about education and family issues.
i dont know why but it feels really nice to be able to share such moments.
I'm really gonna miss some of my classmates very much
when we all go our separate ways :(

Eugene called me yesterday from Aussieland!
It was nice to speak to him again.
Hardly have friends overseas calling me on the phone.

Yday i got to talk to jed a bit online
I was showing him a video of my sec sch friend singing at a cafe
and I told him that its always my dream to be able to sing/perform some place
and he said 'you sing at church what'
i told him to me its different.
One is for worship, the other is for well, people in general.
And he said: the former is better.
that struck me i guess.
I've been wanting this dream to surface for the longest time
but is that's what pleasing?
Jed is leaving next week :((((
Another dear friend leaving *heart break*

for the first time in my life,
i feel really, really stuck.
i really have been struggling for a long time.

Really cannot stand it.

wow wee i am still in school doing moisture analysis.
yup, its 9pm.don't ask me why.
then again, i wouldnt have if anges and bee tin weren't doing their stuff as well
(we're not allowed to work alone at such weird hours anyway)

this week hasnt exactly been great.
i somehow kept bumping into 'roadblocks' with my fyp
and everyday before i left the house
i would commit my plans to God
somehow, it never really followed through.
and naturally, i couldnt help to question God, WHY?
well, I need to remind myself that my ways are not His ways.
God always have an interesting way to work.
and maybe, just maybe, there's no 'fun' in things going as planned huh?
maybe i learnt more by having to twist and turn and do things in another manner.

i must mention that i'm enjoying sunday school lessons nowadays
its so interesting to learn abt each disciple of God every week
and i was burning with questions to ask Bro bern last sun haha
and i couldnt help to cry when pastor davy sang i'd rather have Jesus
i dont know why, the tears just rolled downnnnnn
and what caught my attention was that I was not the only one crying
I turned to my right, there, my mom.
no doubt, there's stuff we all have to learn to deal with.

Pray that the rest of the week will go welllllllll.

Its only recently that I found out abt the band, Lady Antebellum.
and I dare say, they changed my mindset abt country music
(i've never been a fan of this genre)
I love their music, and i think the two leads's voices blend really well!
ah how i wish i could sing so melodiously!

And, on a totally different note.
My current laptop wallpaper.
What a great reminder for me.

I will will will upload photos soon.


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